How to Distinguish 1D, 2D or 3D Manipulator



The manipulator(chip) is the most important part of a massage chair, before explaining the difference of these manipulators, let’s pay attention to the heads and frame of the manipulator first....

How to Distinguish 1D, 2D or 3D Manipulator?

The manipulator(chip) is the most important part of a massage chair, before explaining the difference of these manipulators, let’s pay attention to the heads and frame of the manipulator first. 

The head of the manipulator will influence the massage experience. Compared with silicon massage heads, plastic heads cannot bring best massage experience to the users because the plastic material is too hard. And most manipulators now will use silicone heads, they are suitable in intensity and with longer life-cycle. 

Also, If your budget for purchasing the massage chair is sufficient, please choose manipulator with alloy frame, it can support the manipulator better, not easy to damage. Compared with alloy frame, the life-cycle of plastic frame is shorter.

Now, let’s move on to the topic - difference of massage chair manipulators. There are three different manipulators on the market(D here is short for word “Dimension”): 

1. Fixed Point (1D)

Usually 8 or 10 fixed rotating heads to complete the massage. They are fixed and only rotate in the original place, so the experience of fixed point massage chair is quite similar to lay on a fixed massage mat. After launching of 2D and 3D massage chairs, fixed point model is not that popular among the customers like the past. Considering its technical simplicity and low cost, such model is definitely cheaper than 2D or 3D massage chairs. 

2. 2D manipulator 

The manipulator can move along the track and achieve various massage techniques like kneading, knocking, etc,. 2D manipulator is moveable on the plane, it’s better than the fixed point chip, most middle-end massage chairs are equipped with this manipulator. This manipulator can support the most basic massage techniques.

3. 3D manipulator 

3D manipulator is with an in&out motor, so it can not only move on the plane, but also extend in&out to bring better massage experience. 
You need to pay attention to it’s massage depth and width because these parameters show the range of in&out and plane movement. 3D manipulator can achieve more massage techniques than 2D manipulator, so the price of 3D manipulator is higher, usually used in middle-end or high-end massage chairs.

4. 4D manipulator

An upgrade version based on the 3D manipulator. At present, very few factories developed real 4D manipulator. Most of the 4D manipulators do not meet the industry standard. They may design heating and other functions on the massage heads on the basis of 3D manipulators. 

5. Dual Mechanism

Dual means two, such mechanism is consists of two manipulators. one is for the shoulder and back, and the other one is for the waist and hip area. With dual mechanism, users can massage the shoulder&neck, waist&hip at the same time. 
Such configuration will be only used in the high-end massage chairs since the cost is higher. Massage with two manipulators doesn’t means the experience will be better, it’s recommend to experience the products with such configuration, and then make your final choice.

Notice: When distinguish these different manipulators, please pay attention to its massage effect, whether it can achieve the above movement or not. If a 3D manipulator can not extend in&out, please just regard it as a 2D manipulator.

6. Airbags Massage

Airbags sometimes will be used to replace the manipulator, but the experience of airbags cannot compete with the manipulator.

We strongly recommend users to purchase 2D, 3D if you want to get a massage chair, they are more durable and will bring you better massage experience. Of course, 1D(Fixed point) massage chair is not a bad idea as your first massage chair.

As for 8D manipulator or other kinds of manipulator, in fact, most factories in the industry do not accept such description. There is strict standards, but you will still see many promotional words.  And 8D is actually fixed point (eight 1D fixed point). Please do not take those descriptions too seriously.

In addition, the manipulator type and the price are closely linked. Usually, it's impossible to get a 3D massage chair with the price of fixed point massage chair.