·Aging Test 
This is applied to testing the life span of the whole appliance, the appliance should work normally without making any noise after 1000 hours of testing.
·Shaking And Dropping Test 
This is applied to testing the influence extent of goods when it dropped or shook accidentally in transit. And the result is mainly employed to prove the impact resistance of commodity and it’s rationality of package design.
·Resistance to Hydrolysis 
This is used to test the lifespan of leather in high temperature and humid environments. Simulation of the Hydrolysis Reaction that leather will experience in the five years.

·Torsion Resistance Test of Leather
This is mainly used to test the back and forth folding performance of materials such as leather, cloth. It takes one side of the sample as the inner side and the other side as the outer side. It’s bends back and forth until the sample breaks or after a certain number of times to see the damage.
·Leather Abrasion Test 
With load of 1 KG, there is no obvious damage and cracking on the leather after rubbing of 500 times.

·Color Fastness Test 
The leather surface is loaded with 9N at the speed of 1 time per second. Dry rubbing 500 times, wet rubbing 250 times, artificial sweat rubbing 200 times, color fastness ≥ 4 grades (the highest grade is grade 5). 
·Martindale Abrasion Test 
This is used to test the wear-resistance cloth, which directly contact with human body and massage manipulator. Adopt ASTM D4966 fabric friction resistance test method, with a load of 500G, after rotating of 500 times, the texture of wear-resistance cloth should remain clear.
·Decibel Testing 
This is used to test the decibel of the working manipulator and whole appliance. The decibel of working appliance should below 50 dB.

·EMC Testing 
The purpose of the electromagnetic compatibility test is to assess the ability of the system and equipment, external systems and equipment or the electromagnetic environment to work in harmony without interfering with each other.
·The Number of Line Bending Test
This is used for bending test of all wire harnesses involved in the company’s products. Which include power cords, movement wires and other auxiliary wiring harnesses.