Strict Selection of Materials, Intelligent Traceability System
The raw materials of each product are strictly selected. Intelligent recording system, material quality inspection and whole-process tracking ensure product quality from the beginning to the end. 


Automated Welding
The welding process is carried out by using a automated welding robot, and the whole process is digitally operated, 0.01 mm positioning accuracy.


Standardized Production Line
Standardized operation management, each production step and operation has a clear and strict standard system and management methods.


Exclusive Product Code, Product Traceability System
Each massage chair has undergone a number of strict inspections, and each model has exclusive product code, product quality is guaranteed.


Professional Employee
Every employee on the assembly line has high skills, and every assembly process reflects our sincerity.


Production Line Record System
The monitoring of the production line will be kept for three months. As long as the customer can provide the production time displayed in the QR code, we can confirm whether there is any problem during the production.


Intelligent Management and Informatization of Production
The precise layout of the production line and the informatization of the material distribution system in the workshop will ensure the accuracy of the material supply.