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-Hot Sale Electric 3D Robot Hand Luxury Smart Recliner Massage Chair with Touch Screen Control- Experience the perfect blend of advanced massage technology with luxury, modern design elements. Bohe luxury massage chair series is designed to meet your needs and make your life more relaxing. These chairs feature various functions, like a 3D SL-track roller, full body scan, heat therapy, foot rollers, zero gravity, full body airbag compression, Bluetooth and USB charging station.


-Bohe Electric Shiatsu SL Track Massage Chair Modern Wireless Charger For Tall People Massage Chair Recliner - Modern massage chair series will be the centerpiece of your room, it’s refined design are combined with the advanced technology. They mimic the hands of the professional massage therapists, in choreographed speed and intensity, massage from your neck to your hip area. The modern design and sleek style not only looks incredible but feels incredible too. They will balance your busy modern life in the comfort of home, whenever you need it, and deliver a complete relaxing massage from head-to-toe.